Nusar Sports Sdn Bhd (1215138-V) - ABOUT US

Nusar is the brand of our products. We are a Malaysian Sports Performance Designer Company, designing and producing Sports Performance, Fitness and Sports Leisure apparels. We have always been committed to developing innovative and technological products for our customers and in support of investing in Malaysian jobs and manufacturing.


Nusar Technology

Our designers work hard to identify and develop technological fabrics to produce breathable and feather lite to ensure comfort and agility at all times of your sporting activity. Designing with Nusar technological fabrics for comfort fittings,flexible movement of the against the vigorous requirement of the body and ensure the right fit, whether it's for a traditional or body conscious silhouette.

Nusar products always focus on 4 main pillar for customers:


Breathable  Total Stretchable Comfort  Light  Safety


Nusar Quality

We manage end to end to end TOTAL ONE operation of the business from Product Design & Development, Fabric Development, Manufacturing, Quality Assurance, Marketing, Customer Service and Delivery.


Nusar Fabric (FEEL IT GREAT)

 is Nusar’s proprietary fabric to provide total comfort, breathable & dry, stretchable and enormously light. The technological fabric is used in every development of Nusar product.


Nusar Building BusinessEntrepreneurs

A cake for all to share and grow. We in Nusar Sports Sdn Bhd believe in entrepreneur development; building up Agent Partners for business and simplifying process to start. Nusar Sports Sdn Bhd is one of the very few that enable Agent Partners to securely build their business on our Business Platform and totally system base. Start your business with us now REGISTRATION

Made In Malaysia

Proudly, we are a full fledge Malaysian company and all Nusar products are MADE IN MALAYSIA.